Essay on Formation of the Chinese Civilization

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Lee Bailey, Sr.
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Formation of Chinese Civilization

The Chinese civilization was first started during the Xia (2200 BCE-1750 BCE).
This it during this era that Chinese people would start to improve upon previous
Civilizations. In this essay will see how China progressed throughout history to what it has become based on the their ability to learn from other civilizations and improve upon their own.

Agriculture was the bases for all civilizations. They learned ways to cultivate the land and grow crops for the survival of their people. China’s most important water source for agriculture was the Yellow river. This river was very …show more content…

Along with social stature came family and Patriarchy. Generally the man of the family would be the head of household. He would also be the one to perform ceremonies to honor their past ancestors. This customary honoring of the ancestor is known as Veneration. The family will have gatherings to honor past relatives and the father would be the lead patriarch. Even though males were the dominate role in the family, women would take over the household duties.

Confucisiam had a large impact on China. Confucius lived 551-479 BCE. He was a great contributor to the Chinese people. He was considered an educator and a political advisor (Bentley and Zeigler p150). He never wrote down his ideas or fundamentals, but his pupils did in the Book of Analects. Confucius thought was fundamentally and morally practical. He believed in Junzi, “superior individuals” (Bentley and Ziegler p151).
Since China didn’t have religion they took to Confucian values. Ren, kindness and
Benevolence. Li, a sense of propriety. Xiao, Filial piety. Junzi would bring order to China.

Daoism was sort of a critic to Confucius. Daoist believe in the way of nature and

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