Formative Assessment Reflection

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The assessment practices that I feel are most important in my school is the usage of Common Core. It requires students to analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate information that is gained from reading (Afflerbach, 2015). I have seen firsthand the positive effects of using Common Core especially in the ELA discipline. It allows for higher order thinking skills versus the lower level questioning that the students have been exposed to for so long.

Some assessment practices that I feel are in need of more emphasis in my school is the understanding that reading is an active and complex process that understands written text (Afflerbach, 2015). Also, seeing that there is a great need for using formative assessments set off a red flag for me. At my school, we tend to focus on "beginning with the end in mind" and focus more on summative assessments instead of formative assessments. After reading Afflerbach's article, I noticed that formative assessment focus more on determining where the student is and what they need next in their instruction (Afflerbach, 2015). Upon reading the article, I've come to realize that formative assessment drives the next steps of instruction and provides the teacher the means to understand where they are coming from in order to get them to where they need to be.

Reflecting on my observations of my students, I feel that standardized testing has not been proven to be in their best interest. Berliner states that no single indicator can assess a child's

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