Formative Moment In Middle School

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Middle school is a formative moment in everyone’s preteen life. It can set the tone for the rest of your teenage years and even into your adulthood. Lots of students start to mature while some stay immature and everyone is on a journey trying to figure out who they are. Some students end up popular and some students endure bullying. Unfortunately, I was one of the latter. Bullying taught me a lot of things about myself and the effects still affect me today in my personality. It all commenced my fifth grade year, not even on the morning bus five minutes. I was the first stop with about an hour-long bus ride. The next stop was a high-school boy who apparently I was neighbors with but never knew well. Two stops later, we were picking up one of his buddies with them laughing and joking around at the very back of the bus. It’s an unspoken rule that all the younger kids sit towards the front and high school students get the back. Me, being the smart fifth-grader I was, decided it was a good idea to sit in the back. At first it wasn’t bad, them talking while I was listening to music, but then it changed when they realized I was a fifth-grader. They treated me like a hindrance, which I did not appreciate. I don’t like giving up so I pretended not to hear what they said and continued to sit there. The afternoon bus was the same story all over again, except with more mean high schoolers. It was inconceivable to me as to why the younger kids had to sit in the front while the older

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