Forms Of Violence Against Women

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Forms of Violence Against Women
In Pakistan, women live in a confined world that is structured by family, tribal, and religious customs. As such, women are subjected to not only violence but also discrimination on a daily basis. This has been brought about by the interpretation of Islam, the main religion in the country, which views women as persons needing maximum protection. This consequently leads to their oppression emotionally, physically, and mentally. They face various forms of discrimination, inequality, and violence in almost each and every aspect of life.
In Pakistan, brutality on females is not conceived as a dangerous, grave violation of human rights. Instead, it is regarded as one of the many normal aspects of life. Pakistani women live in fear since they are expected to remain obedient and submissive to social traditions and norms. Most of the cases of ferocity that are directed towards women take place in homes, workplaces, and political podiums. Based on the above situation, this paper identifies and discusses exhaustively different forms and causes of viciousness against women in Pakistan. It also examines some of the widespread impacts of the same to the victims, society, and country at large. Finally, it explores the immediate possible remedies and lasting solutions to this problem.
Firstly, violence against women takes different dimensions. In other words, there are many forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls which

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