Forsaken Kingdoms Essay

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The Forsaken Kingdoms, the most popular MMORPG released in 2053 attracting over 150 million of players after 10 years of release.

It was a popular VRMMORPG that has been released after that the Neuro-Gear, the N-Gear has been discovered.

The Forsaken Kingdoms was a fantasy game, the player could only create one and unique character which makes the game more realism, the developers were working hard to make the game more enjoyable for the players. The graphism were exceeding the beta-testers, the freedom of choices within or the background story of the game marveled the hearts of the players becoming one of the top recommended VRMMORPG.

The game associated with E-Sport, becoming even more popular. The PvP's system mode, the Arena …show more content…

In the Forsaken Kingdoms, new servers were created every patch. One needed to recreate a new character in order to play on the new servers and only one character could be created per server.

"If I'm remembering correctly, the name of the server we choose at that time should be... Ah, there Stormfurry."

It was an interesting feature from the game that every player loved and the new servers were gradually becoming crowded servers, there were several reasons to that.

First one was because of the competitive players.

The tournaments that were organized by the gamemasters every year were only held on the new servers, it was a way to increase the popularity of the new servers.

The second reason was to give the player a new chance to become the top players of the new servers.

There were also PvE pro guilds in the Forsaken Kingdoms, those pro guilds were aiming to the top by conquering the new servers. The names of the players were always engraved on the first players to kill the new raids that were released, the glory of that feat attracted a lot of people to recreate a character.

The third reason was the new classes, the new classes were only available on the new servers until the next patch.

On that patch 9.0, 12 classes were released and the players who wanted to try the new classes that didn't want to wait for the next patch were interested to test them were coming to the new servers to test them before deciding to change their classes. It was

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