Fortune 500 Company : First Data Corporation

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Eduardo Segantine
MAN 3506
Professor Ravi Behara
Operation Management Research Assignment
March 10, 2015

Fortune 500 Company – First Data Corporation


First Data Corporation powers the global economy by making people and businesses to purchase products and services easily, quickly and securely, using virtually all types of electronic payments. No matter if a payment is made with a gift card, a credit or debit card, or even a check, First Data always processes the transaction and safely use the power of information in favor of millions of merchants and thousands card issuers distributed among 36 countries, offering them intelligent services and greater awareness of their customers. They also offers a set of solutions to help …show more content…

The future of payments is current shifting to another path with how technology is changing and is currently modifying how we process our payments and how we store data. It is going away from low-tech and paper based tools, expensive and bulky registers, and physical card swipes. And it is introducing and renovating online commerce and online payment. This is happening due to the decrease of money supply and checks in the current market because people are starting to pay more and more there bills online. As the economy improces and corporations and business gets larger they have started a large-scale implementation of processors in electronic payment technology in their business ands services. Also, credit and debit are growing amongst consumers and it has been the highest that it has even been in history.
There are also challenges that this industry is facing such as restrictions on online payment services by the government and agencies, security of information and data, and adaptation is also a problem. There is a race to control online payments and data processing that includes large known corporations such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Visa, PayPal, Square, Intuit and others more. And these corporations are very far ahead in the industry in terms of technology and consumer market. Apple last year had introduced the app called ApplePay, which enables you to store credit card and debit cards information and even gift cards and pay directly from your phone by

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