Foster Care Advertisement Analysis

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My first introduction to Foster Care was when I watched an advertisement that showed foster children who looked lonely and neglected. The message of the advertisement was to donate any spare clothes and food that one had. The first time I saw this advertisement I was very young and did not understand the concept of being an orphan. I asked my parents why these children were on television and why it was asking for donations. My parents explained to me that there were children in the world that lost their parents or their parents did not want them. I became more aware about children living in these kind of conditions and have heard of people actually having foster homes. My knowledge of foster homes is that the child protection services give a child to a certified person who can give care to this child. I have also learned that foster care may be used for children whose parents are having issues. The child being somewhere safe would allow the parents to solve the problems they have between themselves. I have heard of many good stories of how foster home parents treat their children well. I have also heard that foster children are not …show more content…

The reason I decided to talk to her is because of her knowledge in child psychology. I asked her about what the families’ objective was for a foster child. She told me that a foster family should fulfill a child’s dream in having a family and to share a child’s special moments. In doing so, the child can feel like he or she has potential and feel secure that the parents would be able to support the child, whenever he or she needs it (Varughese, S.). I asked about the child being affected psychologically, and she replied saying that the child is taken care of, but not shown affection. This lack of affection tends to allow the child to understand that the child is not wanted and soon many negative things will occur in the child’s brain (Varughese,

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