Family Partnership Meetings

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A family partnership meeting (FPM) is a “deliberate and structured approach to involving youth and families in decision-making through a facilitated meeting of family, their identified supports and professionals working with the family” (Family Partnership Meetings, 2013). Virginia Department of Social Services uses FPM to engage families in the decision-making process when a child is at risk of coming into foster care, foster home placement disruption, and permanency planning (Family Partnership Meetings, 2013). With that said, foster parents are considered as professional members of the multidisciplinary team, working together to meet the needs of foster children (Child Welfare League of America, 2008). This …show more content…

To establish rigour in this qualitative study, a field test will be conducted to identify appropriate guiding questions for the method of choice for the school-approved topic by sending the questions to 3 – 5 experts within the field of foster care and qualitative research. Date for this study will be collected during the interviews using a recording device and field notes. After each interview, the recording will be scribed verbatim to ensure accuracy. Participates will be contacted after interviews have been scribed to ensure their experiences have been capture …show more content…

In a wraparound effect, the research helps to advancement theories through application of the framework to the research methodology (Udo-Akang, 2012). The theory and its constructs guide the research design (Udo-Akang, 2012). Building and testing theory provides the information needed to analyze and explain the relationship between the research and theory (Udo-Akang, 2012). The theoretical frame for the school-approved topic will be systems theory. Systems theory is often used in human services as a means to understanding “social order, how to integrate or include individuals in the community” (Kihlstrom, 2012, p. 12). An implication of this study using Systems Theory would be an understanding of how foster parents fit into the system of FPM. Another implication would be a circumstantial understanding of foster parent’s behaviors impact on

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