Foster Care As A Temporary Solution Essay

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Foster care is one of the major issues still faced in this world today. According to Crosson-Tower (2013), in the early 1800s, boarding homes were instituted with the idea of rescuing “good” children from ‘bad” parents. She noted that the idea of paying for foster homes to house children was renounced because agencies advocating foster care argued that it would lead to foster parents taking children for money rather than out of altruism. However, she also explained that the practice of paying for foster care emerged, and the government became involved regulating and administering the foster care system in the twentieth century. In addition, her research indicated foster care became progressively more common as the form of caring where the parents were unable to care for their children. Although foster care is designed to be a temporary solution, the nature of foster care today shows the complete opposite (Crosson-Tower, 2013). The organization that will be discussed in this paper is going to expand on the issue of foster care and their advocacy efforts to combat the issue.
The Human Service Agency
For over 25 years, Devereux Florida has been recognized as an agency for administrating behavioral health, mental disabilities, and child welfare assistance to children and families (About Us, n.d., para. 1). The website also stated that the programs and services have impacted over 5,000 children leading Devereux Florida to be the most established non-profit organization for child

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