Foul Shouts Essay

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FOUL SHOTS Summary & Critical Response Draft

We do have memories to recall from our past – good and bad. From these memories brings a part of who we are in a diverse nation and a lesson that changes our lives forever. This is evident to Regelio Gomez' article entitled “Foul Shots”, that shares his memorable experience in playing basketball during his teenage years as both being his ghost and his teacher for almost 2 decades. His narration is a consequence of anyone who describes winning in the name of game or losing in the name of race. The article starts with Regelio's feeling of vigilant and regret dealing with gestures of other people, as each of these gestures let him recall the basketball incident during his senior
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After this incident, and thereafter, Rogelio keeps on reminding himself of these unfriendly behavior brought about by the basketball incident (205). Although he was able to strive to be good many times, Rogelio uses this part of his past in his decisions or reactions to other people's actions(205). Rogelio Gomez' emotions were effectively felt in the article through the narration of descriptive words. He quoted that “Occasionally, however, a smug smile triggers the memory, and I think, ' I should have done something,” Some act of defiance could have killed and buried the memory of the incident (203).” In this statement, it is Rogelio's expression of being vigilant and regretful was being talked about. In the midst of being vigilant, Rogelio also feels the uneasiness of the remembering the lessons that he learned from the basketball incident that, he wished he did something right during that time. Moreover, Rogelio's “killing and burying” the incident made him want to forget that memory. Where instead of bravely choosing the right thing to do, he chose the easy and less effective move. The regret was deep to keep though, that even a smug smile from a stranger makes him sensitive to care for. “The match was clearly racial, our need to succeed
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