Found in a Dream Essay

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Found in a dream A story of a girl who witnessed the beginning of the end. To: Reader We are ok. We are using the underground shelters. They are surprisingly stable and no leakage has been found. Because we prepared, before the rest happened, we have enough provisions. The Dahu* is our only water source, but everyone is scared to drink from it. With that being said, during the night we built water-collectors*. There were some tourists* who came for research purposes, and are now working in the makeshift labs. I do not encourage you to come and “help” us.. You will die or become a prisoner to this trap. I say trap because that is what I believe, how is it not?. Well the Dahu monsters have left us alone for the moment, but the last time …show more content…

We were arguing which of the two guys standing by the drinks had a better butt. “Ok it’s obvious, of course Alex wins! I mean look at him?! It’s like a perky apple.” Ames said. “Man I wish I could have his butt.. It’s not fair.” I added. The air was nice. Just the perfect breeze that made you stop and take it in. As I did that I focused on what was happening... There was water springing up from the ground, covering the surface completely. I was watching carefully making sure this wasn’t another illusion. I reached for Ames arm and she met me there grabbing a tight hold as she whispered in a shaky voice “Elle what’s going on?” “ … ”, I replied. I usually, no I always have an answer for everything... whether it’s right, wrong, offensive, etc. But this time I had nothing. Not a word escaped my tongue and not a thought appeared in my mind. Everyone else found out after a cheerleader slipped landing face first into the puddle of mud, some guy picked her up and noticed the water trickling up from the ground. Girls started to worry, guys started to comfort, then the shaking began. The type of shaking you experience when you ride a bus. The constant bumps, frequent stops, and slamming your head against the window kind of shake. Only the window was the ground, which was mud, water, and a nice ridged rock. Ames and I were holding on to each other trying to keep from bouncing to much, then Sam the football player gathered us in his

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