Founder-Ceo Succession at Wily Technology

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Founder-CEO Succession at Wily Technology Lew Cirne sat stunned in his chair, digesting what Richard Williams had just proposed. As the founder, CEO, and chairman of Wily Technology, Cirne (pronounced "Ser-nee”) had worked hard to build the skills necessary to lead a start-up, had developed Wily’s early technology single-handedly, had hired 50 employees to help him build the company, and had successfully spearheaded a strategic transformation of the company. He had led the company to the point where he had convinced several important customers to buy WiIy’s flagship product and had successfully raised two rounds of financing from top investors.…show more content…
But even with the most brilliant technology team, no one could explain how the operating system as a Whole behaved. Each person knew their own little piece, but no one had the visibility to be able to see the big picture. Without adequate visibility, even the best systems are going to have problems. Part of the epiphany for me was, how can I make this complex, object-oriented software system visible, so we can see how the whole system will perform? I thought, there's an opportunity here to make the potential a reality. 這是偉大的工作與輝煌,技術人員,向他們學習如何解決棘手的技術問題。但是,即使在最輝煌的技術團隊,沒有人能解釋的經營系統作為一個整體的表現如何。每個人都知道自己的小片,但沒有人可以看大圖片的知名度。如果沒有足夠的知名度,即使是最好的系統有問題。我的頓悟,我怎樣才能使這個複雜的,面向對象的軟件系統的可視化,所以我們可以看到,整個系統將如何執行?我想,這裡有一個機會,使潛在的現實。 Cirne loved the technical challenges and ”the fact that people came to work excited every day,” but he felt restricted by the narrow specialization his role demanded in such a large company. In addition, he wanted to start building the skills he would need to play a central role in a start-up: ”I wanted to learn how to be a founder or an early employee of a new company. I wanted to gain breadth, compared to my more focused role at Apple.” To do so, Cirne wanted to

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