The American Dream

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“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels...The ones who see things differently”
(Isaacson 329). This excerpt from Apple’s brilliant “Think Different” campaign in 1997, written to shed its then hackneyed image, is part of perhaps the most iconic advertisement campaign of the century. An ad capturing the company’s counterculture attitude, it also happened to describe the thoughts and personality of its former CEO, Steve Jobs. Jobs, who wrote parts of the campaign himself, identified deeply with each of these statements, which encouraged one to express his or her individuality and inner rebel. A legendary man, Steve Jobs is recognized as a modern genius for having built two of the world’s most valuable companies, Apple and Pixar, and having completely revolutionized the field of customer-oriented technology. In fact, he is deemed by many to be the quintessence of the American Dream. However, the American Dream is not a set number of goals but a concept that deviates from person to person. To Jobs, it was, in his own words, to “build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products”; that is to say, Jobs wished to build a lasting business, hire employees who genuinely loved their work, and create sensational devices (567). Through his paradoxical thinking, Jobs undoubtedly succeeded in his own ideal of the American Dream. Jobs fulfilled his American dream of building a company, employing passionate people, and creating fabulous

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