Founding Brothers : The Revolutionary Generation Essay

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Joseph J. Ellis, American historian and novelist has written many awards winning novels. One of his most recognized, “American Sphinx”, winner many prestigious awards such as the National Book Award for Non-Fiction in 1997, and the Ambassador Book Award for Biography in 1998. His Pulitzer Prize winning novel, “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation”, talks about the founding fathers’ interactions with each other in the decades that followed the Constitutional Convention of 1787. During the times after the creation the United States Constitution the Founding Fathers, or Founding Brothers as this book calls them, explored many different challenges. “Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation” talks about this challenges and events in different sections that focus on seven historical figures at the time: George Washington, John and Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and Adam Burr. Joseph J. Ellis talked about six events, in six chapters, from the time in American history that shaped the ideas that created the United States government that is known today. The chapters are called as followed The Duel, The Dinner, The Silence, The Farewell, The Collaborators, and The Friendship. After a brief introductory chapter called The Generation , in which the reader is introduced to the setting and characters, the story begins. Joseph J. Ellis writes in a way to be not only informative, but interesting. Throughout the whole book the
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