Four Common Reasons Given To Increase The Likelihood Of Violence In Society

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Week #4 Questions
1. Describe five behavior changes that you can make to specifically protect yourself against a violent attack when you are outside alone. (pg. 543) Five behavior changes I could make to specifically protect myself against a violent attack outside are: 1) park in lighted areas, avoiding dark areas where someone could hide 2) telling others where I’m going and when I’ll be back 3) carrying pepper spray or other deterrents, or even using a campus escort service 4) varying the route taken when commuting, staying close to others 5) carrying a cellphone but keeping attention on the environment. All of these behavior changes, found on page 543, could help deter a violent attacker or aide in defending myself when outside.
2. Name five factors which increase the likelihood of violence in our society. (pg. 529) Five factors that are thought to increase the likelihood of violence in society are community contexts, societal factors, religious beliefs and differences, political differences, and stress. Although the reason for violence is unclear in society, these factors are thought to explain the basic reasons for violence, not the absolute cause.
3. What is a hate crime? Discuss four common reasons given to explain bias-related or hate crimes. (pg. 533) Hate crimes are crimes committed by a person with a bias or negative viewpoint of a specific group of people. Hate or bias-related crimes are thought to occur for four reasons: thrill seeking, feeling threatened,

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