The Pros And Cons Of Hate Crimes

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What is a hate crime?
A hate crime is a crime of prejudice. The commitment of hate crimes is motivated by racial, sexual and even religious differences that often result to violence and death. America today is besieged by hate crimes. It seems that everywhere we turn, in the newspapers, on television and on social media, hate crimes are not only reported but are actually supported. It is unprecedented in American history how much bigotry is thrown out in our faces from the news and in social media. (Patillo, 2017) Behind every hate crime is a message. This is why the mainstream media and social media have become platforms for various groups to brag about their religious and racial biases and what they intend to do about those who against their beliefs. Hate crimes are espoused by religious and racial bigots to sow hate and dissension in order to convince people that their religious and racial prejudices are correct. Politicians, law enforcement units and the local community have to take firm steps to prevent such acts of violence from occurring in their locality. What causes hate crimes and are there ways to prevent it?
As previously mentioned, hate crimes are borne out of one person’s prejudices. However, rarely does prejudice alone cause hate crimes. It is a toxic mixture of one’s prejudices, anger and animosities in life. (Sepulveda Carmona, 2012) First, hate crimes are caused by the mundane – thrill seeking. (Burkes, 2017) People crave the sudden rush of adrenalin

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