Four Elements Of Mass Movement

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According to Eller (2006, pp.237), Vejas Gabriel Liulevicious recorded in a lecture series “Utopia and Terror in the Twentieth Century” (2003) identified the following four elements of mass movement: a. The “masses”- Before any mass movement, there should be a mob of people who are the disappointed and frustrated group. The group is mostly made up of lower classes and typically urban who are in search of imagined or artificial community.’ b. Machinery- Mass movement are occurrences that require that requires techniques and tools for the campaign to be created and be sustained. The mechanism for revolution includes the tools or machinery such as guns, bombs and other lethal weapons, information machinery, that is the media mass used to spread the propaganda, and the mechanization of the state itself. c. A master plan- The ideology such as vision, goal, and theory are vital factors for an organized revolution. It involves the discourse about the present and more so the future. d. A mobster elite- The influential individuals or parties play a central role in mass movement action, which involves evil or criminal leadership willing to go to extra extend to attain and maintain power through means that are out of the stated law. These elite members seem themselves as above the law as they consider no boundary of the law. They always state that they have the interest of the people in the heart which isn’t the case. Use of violence against the enemies is acceptable to
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