Four Freedoms

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In "The Four Freedoms" speech, President Roosevelt describes the historical context in which the U.S. finds itself one year before the attack on Pearl Harbor, but describing that context is not the point of his speech. His point is to promote the "four freedoms" but he does not actually get to outlining the "four freedoms" until the very end of the speech. Consider his speech in connection with the "Our Freedoms and Rights" document and the information provided as historical background. Why does Roosevelt believe it is necessary to articulate a new set of American freedoms? In “The Four Freedoms” speech President Roosevelt was speaking to the American people, the ones who had fear of the war that was being fought across the ocean. The …show more content…

This meant that each American deserved to be free from poverty and racial injustices. For people to be more concerned for their goals; rather than for riches, this is where true happiness that can be found. The first challenge that he talks about was equal opportunity for all to have an education to those who hungered for knowledge no matter what ethnic background they belonged to.

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