Four P's of Marketing and Folgers Coffee

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Introduction This Essay will deal with the Four P’s of marketing as it relates to Folgers Coffee. It will be demonstrated how the marketing function is visible in these four areas. It will also be shown how the coffee giant had lost its lead in market share and then recovered it in the mid 1990’s. We will explore how now that Folgers is being operated by Smuckers, the coffee giant has used some clever marketing schemes.

The Four P’s
1. Product
2. Price
3. Place (distribution)
4. Promotion

Product In looking at our product, Folgers Coffee, a sure way to see where a product is going sometimes is to look at where it has been. In 1992, Kraft’s brand of coffee, Maxwell House, had gained the lead in market share and appeared to be poised
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Sales from restaurants—including Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and McDonald's, which carry premium brews—grew at a compound annual rate of 15.2% from 2001 to 2006, as supermarket sales rose only marginally. Activist investor Nelson Peltz is pressuring Kraft to divest slow-growing Maxwell House. But Kraft vows to stick with the $1 billion-a-year brand. Another worry: Only 37% of 18- to 24-year-olds drink coffee, reports the National Coffee Assn., vs. 60% of those 40 to 59 and 74% of folks over 60. (Crown, 2007)

Price Folgers now finds itself in an era where price-cutting for consumer goods in general is rampant. Consumers are buying cheaper brands and fewer units of many goods. Consumers have made the most changes so far in high-expenditure, less structural consumables: leisure (including dining out), shopping, and driving. (Leinwand, Moeller, & Shriram, 2008)
While many consum¬ers will still pay for premium products, super¬markets have had to slash prices on many ordinary items. Part of the reason for this is the fierce competition they have been receiv¬ing from such outlets as warehouse clubs. Folgers is a very well-known brand, but not even the stron¬gest brands are safe from the necessity of price-cutting, to which they were formerly immune. In bygone days, owning a strong brand was a sure road to protected high margins. Low-cost generic products have improved in quality and their sales have skyrocketed, making such moves unavoidable.

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