Fracking : Ethical And Ethical Implications

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With the public’s growing demand for clean energy and the need to replace the current energy sources that we consume on a daily basis use, more and more states are starting to use hydraulic fracturing, at an alarming rate, to excavate these resources from beneath the shale rocks. Many experts, along with the public, believe that hydraulic fracturing has numerous environmental and health to both human and wildlife communities. Also, many believe that hydraulic fracturing possibly have moral and ethical implications that need to be address and fixed. With hydraulic fracturing being a very controversial topic between scientist and the public, fracking will remain very controversial unless changes and regulations are made and enforced to protect humans, wildlife and the planet to ensure none are in danger and we are able to extract the resources we need. What are these implications that have the experts and public in a need of concern and uproar about fracking? Let us start with what kind of implications hydraulic fracking can have on the environment if we are not careful and observant of our planet. The community is greatly affected when a company comes in and starts fracking around homes and businesses. One way that the community can be affected by hydrofracking is that the drilling can induce seismic activity in the area. Seismic activity in a populated area, like a suburb neighborhood or a business district, can be very hazardous and costly. The seismic activity can be
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