Fracking in Scotland

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You have probably come across the term 'fracking ' in the news quite recently and perhaps wondered if the reality is as ugly as the word. There is an ever rising body of evidence, that there are inherent and unacceptably high environmental and health risks associated with coalbed methane and shale gas extraction - hydraulic fracturing (fracking). This is fast becoming a global issue happening in our own back gardens, it 's contaminating our water supplies and tampering with mass food production industries. Something must clearly be done about fracking. Today I will express my personal feelings towards this topic and discuss the process and dangers of this industry. So what is it? Hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking ' is the proccess of…show more content…
The fracking process introduces additional industrial activity into communities beyond the wells. Including clearing land to build ne access roads and well sites, trucking in heavy equipment and materials and trucking out the vast amounts of toxic waste. Fracking takes place primarily in rural agricultural areas and many farmers have leased their land to the oil and gas industry. Examples of fracking 's negative impact on the food chain and water system are emerging. Water contamination from toxic chemicals has sickened and killed livestock. Accidents and spills contaminate crop land throughout the country. "These incidents could affect consumer confidence in the food produced in these areas." According to leading hydraulic fracturing expert Danny Reible. Furthermore the large quantities of water required for fracking poses a future challenge to agriculture and the process may contribut to global climate change which may strain freshwater resources even further. All farmers depend on the health of their land and many have leased their land to the oil and gas industry with the promise of gas 'royalty ' payments and minimal ecological impact. Many organic farmers have lost their premium prices due to fracking fluid polluting their crops and livestock. Given the risks associated with fracking, there is much at stake for these farmers. Despite all the clear evidence that hydraulic
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