Fracking: Is It Really Damaging the Earth? Essay

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Energy is our main source for everything we do, the primary question is where do we get our energy? Fracking is a method in which entities use in order to obtain natural gas, which furthermore can create heat for our homes and gas for our cars. This is a huge controversial topic that people seem to be very ambiguous about. The questions that arise with fracking are whether or not it’s better than green energy and is it harmful to the Earth. This constant need of energy requires our world to have a primary source for energy, so is fracking appropriate for this primary role? Deroy Murdock wrote an opinionated article supporting the argument that fracking actually out-greens ‘green’ energy. Murdock blatantly states that water contamination …show more content…

Well when a surface cracks, inevitably that crack will expand and spread out through the surface it lies on. Lets go back to 2010 when BP promised and swore that their gas company was completely safe towards the environment. During this year, we saw that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred. This oil spill was devastating and tragic to the people who lived around the Gulf of Mexico, the wildlife and all the resources that got contaminated. BP was able to 'cap' that crack after billions of dollars being spent on property and environment damage but no amount of money can bring back all the wildlife that was harmed and killed. Unfortunately, there is no actual way to 'cap' this crack they created; once its been done, its permanent. These cracks will only furthermore increase in the ocean floor just like how the cracks in the windshield inevitably grow. But instead of bumps in the road making the cracks grow, seismic activity will be making it grow. An article written by Jill Lawless, "Cuadrilla Resources Halts Fracking In U.K. Fearing Possible Earthquake Connection" basically proves to the world that fracking is damaging and effecting the way people live, resulting in earthquakes. So back to the analogy, if a person drives with a windshield filled with cracks that constantly are growing, is it safe to drive for that person? Is it safe for everyone around that driver? The comparison is that

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