Fran Lee Case

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Fran lee (F) the leader of AFA suffer serious head injuries and had been taken to the hospital and is in a coma. At the time of the insure she was restrained by a police group. Policeman (P) that was in the police group states that she was hit by a rock and it also hit him in the helmet. The rock was thrown from a group of R33 demonstrators. Police group states he was one of the police that is trying to protector her from getting attacked by some R33 members who got very close to her. A well know lawyer (A) with Fran claims that Fran was injury by the policeman. Lawyer (A) said the police was using their batons with unreasonable force against her and other AFA members. TV news (N) camera was damage but said that they had filmed several police using their batons…show more content…
So there were 9 subject involve. Based on the source we have Fran was hit on skull resulting in a fracture skull. The hospital state at least one was severe. I’m assuming there is more than one hit to the skull. One question I got for the policeman is did the rock hitting the helmet cause any damage to the helmet? The lawyer was with Fran so he/she could be bias and jump right into a conclusion. How far apart was the lawyer and Fran? The TV news camera was damage how did they filmed several police using their batons heavily? Was it a reporter giving the information? If it was a reporter where was he/she position? R33 leader deny that she was hit by something thrown. The R33 leader could be bias. R33 member (M) could be set up to say that he/she thrown a rock. The Dutch tourist (D) saw police using their batons strongly to separate people. I would ask the Dutch tourist where was he/she standing? This questions could result in why she doesn’t see anything being thrown. Did (D) see if the police group where hitting people or just blocking
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