France Causes Financial Fret

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France Causes Financial Fret
In the western world the terms president, and prime minister means, for lack of a better term, the head of a country, the difference is that between Canada and the United States they have one or the other. Back in the Eastern world of Western Europe, France was the first major European country to adopt a semi-presidential system giving them both a prime minister and a president to oversee it all (Allen et al. 109). This is accomplished by giving the president the power of political figure head for the country and allowing the Prime Minister and the government to “…determine and direct the policy of the nation it shall have at its disposal the administration and the armed forces.” (Allen et al. 133-138). This
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27-28). The European Union itself made an attempt in the turn of the century to strengthen economic ties and decision making among members of the Union by coming up with a constitution for the EU and was approved by not only the current president but also 10 other Union states and Spain (through a referendum), but was rejected by Germany, the Dutch and France (through a referendum) (Allen et al. 28). This was because even though the first and second part of the constitution was widely accepted as in benefit of those it meant to protect it was rejected for its long winded third part consisting of “references to liberalization and market building” and was criticized throughout all of France (Allen et al. 30). Still it leaves the fact alone that France is an integral part of the European Union. but as of current policy in the Union mandates that all members “therein, the adoption of an economic policy which is based on the close coordination of Member States’ economic policies, on the internal market and on the definition of common objectives, and conducted in accordance with the principle of an open market economy with free competition.” (Economic and monetary union, Legal and political texts, 10)
“Member States shall conduct their economic policies with a view to contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Community … Member States and the Community shall act in
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