Francis Bacon as Shakespeare

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Francis Bacon as Shakespeare For almost four hundred years the question of who truly wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare has been studied meticulously by many scholars and historians. There have been many well qualified contenders, including Sir Francis Bacon. Because of the incredible number of coincidences between “Shakespeare” and Bacon, it is obvious that Bacon wrote Shakespeare. Firstly, the actor William Shakespeare, who is the supposed author of Shakespeare’s works, could not have written them. He had no formal education after thirteen, was from a small provincial town, was a professional actor, had two daughters who were illiterate, didn’t mention any of his works in his will, and whose only surviving handwriting is six signatures on legal documents (Rubenstein 69). Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest authors in history, and without a formal education the intricacy of his work would be impossible. It should also be put in consideration that many of Shakespeare’s works were not only published but edited after his death. From the publication of “The Taming of the Shrew” in 1594 to the publication of the First Folio in 1623, 4,936 new lines were added to the plays, a majority of which were added posthumously (sirbacon). This in itself is evidence enough to disprove Shakespeare entirely. Unlike William Shakespeare, Sir Francis Bacon was very well qualified to have written Shakespeare’s works. Bacon was a highly educated Member of

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