Frank As A Mental Health Agency

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Frank is a student with some problems regarding his work and roommate. Frank is an inter at a mental health agency. His job has given him the authority of searching patient files when neccessary; but, only with a superior present. While working on some files, Frank notice his roomate name in one of them. This is a concern to him becuase he wants to know if this person is his roomate. But, he signed a confidentiality form. When he went home he notice his roomate acting awkardly. This made Frank curious about the guy. In this case, Frank should notified his supervisor about his situation for him not to get in any trouble. He can explain that he saw a name familiar to his roomate, but he does not know what to do. By speaking to the supervisor, Frank can find the help he needs and prevent him from stressing so much. It can also show his honesty and courage to confront a situation. Ecological theory explains the two areas of stress Frank is experiencing. His work and home is in danger. What heppened at work can affect the relationship he has at home. If he does not find out what is going on with his roomate, it can cause problems regarding his health. He would not feel safe in his own home. Even is he does nothing about it, it can affect his self-esteem. The roomate may have a mental disease which can effect the relationship with the roomate. The person my experience an episod and frank may not know what to do. Frank may be able to live with him if he knows how to help him.
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