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I have acquired a host of titles during the course of my life: protégée, mentor, educator, scholar, author, coordinator, analyst, manager, ambassador, AmeriCorps VISTA, paramedic, combat medic, Doc, soldier and veteran. Significant experiences and life events that accompany these titles have shaped me into the self-motivated and competent leader that I am now. Thus, it is with deep conviction that I express my commitment to completing a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University (GWU). My grandfather Claude D. Wilson, born in rural Alabama, had a 4th grade education when he moved to Ohio to provide better opportunities for his six children. He retired from a steel foundry that left him with severe lung damage. My mother, Jacqueline June Wilson, the eldest of the six children spent the majority of her life taking care of her father and mother. From age six onwards she provided for and raised her twin brother and four other siblings in addition to looking after her parents.
In the mid 1960’s during the civil rights movement in the corporate town of Dayton, OH, my mother began a co-op program between her high school and General Motors (GM). She became the first in her family to graduate from high school and would work at GM for twenty-five years where …show more content…

Scully-Russ’s research into the U.S. government’s work force system has come to my attention as a seasoned government professional. We both have seen our government work in silos of excellence, which has stunted the performance of the U.S. government work force system. What I have learned is that government uses the word system but routinely fails to realize the magnitude of its systems. Consequently, government measures lesser systems and their performance in silos. I intend to develop a systemic model that will be used to measure performance effectively to receive feedback on the best modes for constructive

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