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Frank Sinatra is an American icon who is still touching the hearts and souls through his music and movies. Frank Sinatra, an American popular singer and actor, was one of the top entertainers of the 20th century. Over a 50-year span, staring in 1,500 songs and started in almost 60 different movies made him recognized. “In 1935, Sinatra quit his newspaper job to pursue a career as a singer after attending a Bing Crosby concert.” (Monica Garving, pg. 1 of 4) Frank joined a group called the Hoboken Four, who won first place, as a quartet group on a radio station, but Frank grow homesick and departed the group to head back to Hoboken, NJ. He landed jobs around his town on local radio stations, sang with local dance bands and received a job …show more content…

The producer pulled Frank aside to talk to him for a while, but after the time they both came out and the producer made all production stop for good because he had an idea of a gig for Frank. He thought of a triple album called Trilogy: Past Present Future. It included over 200 musicians, backup singers and took over a year to complete it. After the release of the album in 1980, on the 64th birthday of Frank Sinatra, the album remained a popular, strange, ambitious, brilliant, and bloated hit through his 100th birthday. “Compromising standards, contemporary songs and new material written expressly for Sinatra, the set was intended to be a summation of his work to that point and, in its odd way, succeeds, containing the multitudes that were Sinatra, the artist: the wonderful, the less wonderful, the lapses in taste and, on the album’s notorious third disc, the most spectacular misfire of his storied career.” (Bruce Handy Pg. 1/4 & 2/4) Conspicuous is good thing for a trilogy but it was not for Frank Sinatra in the late 60’s and …show more content…

On his break from music making, Frank Sinatra called up a couple of fellow music artists for encouragement and got the same response from all of them, “What the hell good is it; nobody will do it. It’s only kid music today.” Bruce Handy (page 2 of 7) The Trilogy lit a fire for Frank to continue and to push on with his music and production even through all of the criticism he got. Burke had been Frank’s producer for 40 years and he wanted to find a way to make his 40th anniversary very special. Each of the records were an album unto themselves. One album called “The Past: Collectibles of the Early Years, the first formal title, it consists of 10 pre-rock songs, his second album titled “The Present: Some Very Good Years” was intended to consist of moments with songs with Billy Joel and Neil

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