Frankenstein: A Fictional Narrative

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The stars were gleaming in the night sky. Emily, Luke and Tim were eating cold tomato soup in the living area. It was horrid. The groundskeeper began to speak abruptly. “Now, I’m gonna tell you about an incident that happened right here in this building about 8 years ago. Kids just like you were sent here. It was night fall, and the atmosphere was eerie and uncalm. Something was about to go down. Something big! So, as I was saying, every child was heading off to bed when there was harsh sounding scream that came from upstairs. And then there was another after that. A girl and boy had been slaughtered. I looked up towards the staircase and saw a dark black figure with fiery red eyes. For one moment, the hideous looking creature was there, staring at me. The next, vanished!” …show more content…

They were scared for their lives. “This couldn’t be true,” said Emily with an anxious-like expression. “Oh, it’s very true, sweetie. It’s the truest of trues, really.” The groundskeeper suddenly stood up from the antique chair and walked into the kitchen. Luke and Tim were taken aback, desperately wishing to leave this evil place that was obviously haunted. They both sat back in their seats, feeling as though they were sinking into the clutches of satan. They were experiencing a spectrum of emotions that they had never endured before this fateful night. “Well, I need to go to the bathroom. I’m feeling a bit queasy after that horror tale.” Emily sprinted to the toilet. The noise was not pleasing.. Shortly after, there was another noise… However, this noise, was very different. “AAHHHHHH!” Emily screeched. The noise was

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