Frankenstein : A Short Story

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"Aim for the head." "We're aren't killing him." "It won't kill him. It will just knock him out." He gave a smirk towards her as he watched her take up the slingshot questionably. She took the wood blocks from him hesitantly. He tried to nudge her on so she didn't miss her window of range. "Come on, Francesca. Just knock him in the head." Francesca shook her head slowly and loaded the wood block in the slingshot. In just seconds, her whole demeanour changed. She focused solely on the man below the rooftop they stood on, piercing the target with her green eyes before the wood block did. THOK!! The man collapsed, dropping the package he had been carrying. Francesca scampered down from the rooftop and knelt next to him. "I'm done my part. …show more content…

Once he finished, he and Francesca hopped into the car and drove to where they said they would meet the transport. They got there ten minutes early. Arkady and Francesca set the soldier against the tree and tied him up. On the other side of the tree, they tied the documents about his chimes for the prisoner transport so the people that found him had an idea about the prisoner. When satisfied with their work, they left. The drive back was quiet. Though they did their job, it felt as though something was missing. Francesca finally broke the silence by saying "Last night, I had a strange dream." "Hmm?" Arkady hummed. "I dream the world was in flames and we were running for life." Arkady furrowed his brow. "That's odd... I had something similar about a week ago. Did I tell you about it?" "No. You did not." They decided to leave it there. Arkady found it hard to believe they had similarly dreams without him at least provoking it. Maybe it meant something like fate. They returned to the shed. Except this time, they went into the house that accompanied it. The two entered the basement of the house and went into a room deep in the ground. The house looked like any other kind of house from the outside. In fact, the only thing that made it different from the other houses on the block was the thing in the basement only they knew about. Francesca and Arkady passed through the various security inspections in

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