Müler's The Great Switcheroo

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The Great Switcheroo After the fall of Hitler the Nazi party wanted to regain power of Germany yet again. The man that had spearheaded this campaign was Müler, a madman with a lust for power. Müler however was polling badly because of Hans, the republican with a vision for Germany. The Great House Party was taking place at Müler mansion. This was Müler's final chance to take the campaign away from the republican Hans and his allies. He was desperate so he looked into to black market deals for a professional assassin. He found one and contacted the seller. However, the seller was Russian, and he wasn't sure if the animosity from the war would apply here. They met in Warsaw, Poland, after catching dirty looks from the Polish people. Müler was a slender man with a short mustache, while in contrast the seller was a sleek powerful brown haired woman. "I thought I would be dealing with someone more... deadly," said Müler. After he said this the woman had him pinned in 5 seconds. "Deadly enough?" She taunted. She backed off and said, "The names Natasha, what's the job?" Müler still on the ground confused questioned, "You're the assassin?" "Well you see how well my services perform," answered Natasha. "It's a deal," answered Müler. When the time for the party came Müler and Natasha had a plan. Müler wanted Hans dead…show more content…
The Mülers and the Roibens were discussing politics at a round table, and it was time for drinks to be served. Natasha was applying the poison to the drink, while a bus boy looked on. She said she was adding a "secret ingredient", but the bus boy knew very well that was poison. He could tell by the bitter smell. However, this was no ordinary bus boy. He was an informant to Hans and was able to swap the nametags on the drinks. Hans anticipated something like this and wanted a chance to change the tide of the
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