Frankenstein By Mary Shelley Is One Of The First Books

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is one of the first books that discuss how humans behave and react to different situations such as revenge, isolation, and lack of empathy. Shelley transmits the struggle of a monster that seeks for real human connections, knowledge and the approval of its master; his appearance plays a big role in the reaction and acceptance of the people that encountered him. On the other hand, the character of Victor Frankenstein shows, an excessive desire for knowledge that leads him to challenge nature and play the role of God. By creating life out of death, Victor’s life turned into misery and self consciousness. Mary Shelley demonstrates that to be human is being capable of noticing your surroundings, your own self and…show more content…
The lack of connection between Victor and the monster created a tense atmosphere between reality and their excessive needs of attention. The monster did not learn the true meaning behind humanity because everyone showed him disgust instead of love. Moreover, the lack of humanity the monster experienced, shape his future mental understanding on how to being a human. Excessive desire for knowledge is represented in the book as a downfall of humanity leading to a lack of empathy and misery. The desire Victor Frankenstein and the monster had for knowledge created a strong bond that helped them to explore how life functioned; although, they could not understand the true meaning behind love and compassion. This book shows how the dangers of human knowledge can create terrible consequences such as being ambitious. As Shelley portrayed in the book that being extremely curious can make you blind of your own mistakes and hurt the people you love. Humans by nature want to find the truth at the expense of others not realizing that love is putting the people you care about above everything. Frankenstein neither wanted to learn the superficiality of life, nor the spirit of things, he wanted to create life. As one example portrayed in the book says, “Till my enquiries were directed to the metaphysical, or in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world” (Shelley 19). In this passage, Shelley carefully made a connection between the desire of knowledge and nature Frankenstein
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