Frankenstein Character Analysis

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Who Are You ?
One is defined by various categories. Whether one’s identity is delineated by race, gender, or social status, one may ask themselves “Who are you?” In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, the protagonist Othello struggles with his status as an outsider. Even the closest of his friends and loved ones are questioned. His right hand man Iago manipulates, confuses, and mentally tortures Othello to the extent that he questions the fidelity of his partner, Desdemona. Self-identity for Othello becomes murky as the waters are tainted with lies and deception. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a state of perplection is palpable with regards to the question “Who are you?”. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, creates a “monster” using parts of unearthed corpses. Once conscious, the monster struggles with who he is as he is forced unnaturally into society. In this case one is not questioning loyalty, but the mere fact of humanity: What makes someone a human being? The interpretations of “Who are you?” is multifaceted, as the characters in both novels reflect inwardly on what defines them and what others think they are. Individual's’ self-identity fluctuates throughout their lives due to varying circumstances.
Frankenstein’s monster is not a creature that can be easily defined. He could not conform to society's norms. As an unnatural creation, he lacks the instincts about social cues that humans learn through nurture and society, like how to communicate with

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