Frankenstein Critical Analysis

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Frankenstein critical analysis evaluation essay

Frankenstein was a story written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley while she was on her vacation in Switzerland with her husband. The story got published in 1818 without letting the public about the author. It was in 1831 when the novel revised edition was out and Mary Shelley name mentioned as an author. The novel focused on social, cultural and political facet of the societies during Mary’s lifetime. The fictional character in the novel clearly shows the battle against the pre-established people’s attitude during that time. Religion and science always create a controversy in the society with religion always differencing from any scientific principles and experiments. Shelley’s tried to addresses the above controversy and showed how science and modern technology is sometimes wrong. She tried to show how scientists and inventors are sometimes selfish only care for achieving their plan without evaluating the end result.

In modern time, society’s view of the world is associated with science and technology. Some critics illustrate that technology, psychology and science are closely related to literature. Deviance behavior of the person is considered as unacceptable by the community. Frankenstein’s monster learnt a human language, feeling and sense, he is very different thus can’t be accepted by the society. Professor Sherry Ginn, Professor in the Psychology department at Wingate University, Wingate, North Carolina evaluated
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