Frankenstein Depicted In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In the letters at the beginning of the novel, it’s stated that a Robert Walton, an explorer, is sailing in the Arctic Ocean and eventually stumbles upon an injured Victor Frankenstein. In the letters, Walton is retelling what Frankenstein had told him about his story. Frankenstein was at birth a Genevese, belonging to distinguished family. As a child, he enjoyed learning things and he was quick to learn new subjects which explains why he had a profound love for science. Later his mother, Caroline Beaufort, adopts a girl named Elizabeth Lavenza who she gives to Frankenstein and takes his mother words literally, believing that Elizabeth belonged to him. When Frankenstein was about to leave to university, his mother and Elizabeth develop the scarlett fever, his mother dies while Elizabeth recovers from the illness. Eventually he develops a desire to bring back the dead. He uses a mixture of different science to achieve this twisted goal of his. He isolates himself from his friends and family to get his experiment done and when he gets his wish, instead of caring and nurturing his creation, he flees in fear and disgust, leaving the creature to fend for himself. After being nursed back to health by Henry, Alphonse delivers the message that his youngest brother, WIlliam, has been murdered. Their housekeeper, Justine…show more content…
Yet, the creature still finds a way into the wedding and sneaks into Elizabeth’s bedroom and ultimately kills her. Victor now seeks revenge as well and hunts the monster through Europe but fails to catch in the Arctic Circle where Walton finds an exhausted Victor. The Creature appears in the ship and tells Walton about his experiences from his point of view, not much after did Frankenstein die. The monster then disappears into the darkness and isn’t heard of
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