Frankenstein Influences

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Mary Shelley was an English novelist, short story writer, dramatist, biographer, and travel writer. She was born August 30, 1797, in Somers Town, London in the United Kingdom. She was well-known for her Gothic novel Frankenstein: or The Modern Prometheus. Shelley focuses on the influences of history in several of her pieces, however one in particular is her piece Frankenstein. Shelley got her inspiration for her novels from historical events, which lead to the theme of the “modern Prometheus” and the overall elements of Gothic subgenre The history of Frankenstein started when Shelley was just a teenager. Frankenstein was written in 1816. When Shelley decided to write Frankenstein, it was during the Romantic period. Frankenstein was the first scientific based book that was written in the early 1800’s. The novel became so popular it was printed in many different languages and posted all around the world. The popularity of the novel is from the uncommon element of making a monster come to life for the first time a story. Since it possesses a dark theme of bringing a monster to life it is one of the best-known gothic novels. Shelley’s very troubled upbringing is believed to of had a strong influence over her writings. As a young girl, she faced many struggles and tragedies (Rauch). Another influence was Lord Byron, a good friend of Mary and her husbands. He challenged them both to write a scary frightening story (Rauch). The center concept explored in Frankenstein is the idea

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