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Stepping through the door, I could feel my non-slip shoes slide, the fry burning my nostrils to the point I could taste it. I poke my head around the corner scanning faces, looking for one in particular. The face I searched for belonged to a tall man, whose body had been shaped by years of hard manual labor. I did not need to see the whole face, just those slightly sunken eyes just below the mandatory DQ hat. Those eyes would make the day go smoothly or turn peace into an inferno. His name was Steve. I remember the first day I met him, that old guy who would be like a partner to me for the next two years. I strolled into the kitchen, past the sizzling grill and sized up this man. He was a good thirty years older than me and working in the …show more content…

Steve was a man who had faced many hardships growing up and had not always chosen the best way to solve his problems. He would probably be considered in the lower middle class. He was not entirely broke, but still had to work 40 hours a week to barely make ends meet. Steve has been to jail more times than I could care to count. He lost his driver’s license at the old age of 18 and has yet to get it back, partly due to a lack of finances. It is no wonder then that he works at the same establishment as his wife and spends almost every moment with her. This would cause them to fight frequently. Some weekends Steve would not even show up at work despite his wife being there. She cited his attitude as the reason she left him at home. The only times I really remember Steve being truly happy were those when he was under the influence of marijuana. Those times were the only times when he did not have violent mood swings and cause the rest of the staff to hate their job. Despite the issues he and his wife had, they still tried to make things work for their kids. It is because of this that they impacted my …show more content…

My own parents reminding me, “You can do better,” just once a month while growing up cascaded into my love for learning and pursuit of knowledge. A meaningless entry level job exposed me to reality and caused me to develop a plan to become something more while still reinforcing that idea of never forgetting where I came from. Interactions with as few as five to ten people were enough to make me hesitant and guarded. These little things will continue to haunt and encourage me as I progress towards whatever it is I am to be in this world. I have goals and I have plans to meet those goals. All that is left is to see how the trifles take me

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