Frank's Relationship With His Father

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In the book Angela's Ashes when frankie's father leaves out on him he gets a transition to manhood. In the outcome of his fathers absent this cause a major change in Frank's life over the course of chapter 10-12.These changes case him to be more independent and more of a caregiver to his family.the change in frankie can be see dramatic than the first chapter when his father was a round.Throughout these chapter frankie relationship with his father changes slightly.

Frank's father has a bad habit of leaving his family in their time of need.This absence of frank's father does not bother frank that much because of the good memories he has shared with his father.frank's father is a dunk with many personalities that drunk beer of his dead son's casket .
Throughout these chapters there is a major change going on in frank's life.Frank starts a soccer team and names the team the The Red Hearts of Limerick.” Also in these few chapters with his father not making any money frank gets a job helping an old man …show more content…

In fact his teacher writes his mother to tell her how brilliant he has gotten.When his dad is set to arrive at the train station frankie does not go do to his fury.At the very end of these chapter frank wants to go bike riding with his friend and when he is told no he sets off from residence and goes to stay with his Uncle Ab

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