Freakonimics Analysis

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Moses Hunsaker
Ms. Nigro
AP Lang
26 July 2017
Freakonomics SOAPSTone
1. Speaker: Freakonimics was written by two authors, both of which are only referred to directly in the book’s introduction where they establish credibility by noting their qualifications, Steven D. Levitt, an award winning college professor and economist, and Stephen J. Dubner, a reporter, author, and journalist (Dubner and Levitt XXIII). The core of the book is told by an unspecified speaker, presumably Dubner articulating Levitt’s research. The narrator demonstrates himself to be a trustworthy guide by often showing awareness of the reader’s perspective, beginning the book’s epilogue with “and now, with all these pages being us,” and going on to even consider the consequentiality of the ideas in the book, asking “will the ability to think such thoughts improve your life materially? Probably not” (Dubner and Levitt 209). The narrator’s honesty and awareness, combined with the known qualifications and experience of the authors, as stated in the book’s introduction, creates a speaker that can successfully guide the reader through all the nuances and complexities of the world as they are viewed by an economist’s discerning eye.

2. Occasion: Freakonimics was published on April twelfth, two-thousand and five. The book focuses on no one specific event, rather it uses past studies and analysis to show the reader how to apply economic reasoning to any scenario. Throughout the text it is revealed what inspired
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