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Many, if not most, of the people in today's generation are constantly judged by others and even themselves based on what their identity comprises of. The concept of racial injustice and inequality among ethnic minorities constantly fills the media. Women's rights issues seem to arise rapidly whenever a single female is mistreated in the slightest way. The debate on homosexuality is also an enormous topic in our social lives today, with millions of supporters for it, but also millions against it. This internal segregation within our own human population is nothing new, since it has been continuing ever since verbal and written communication with each other has existed. All these components, and many more, are a huge part of what identifies a …show more content…

Source E focuses on one particular study that was published in 2005. It states, "...if DeShawn Williams and Jake Williams sent identical résumés to the same employer, Jake Williams would be more likely to get a callback." Using this quote from the book Freakonomics, it can be inferred that the employer had a stereotypical opinion on DeShawn Williams merely by looking at his name. Although the résumés contained the same information, the cliché idea that the name DeShawn (which is typically considered a "black" name) sounds like a name that would appear in a low-income, low-education family gave the employer the impression that Jake is more fit for the job in question. Using physical and visual evidence is often enough to create an opinion on someone, but sometimes, very little information is needed. The human brain is hard-wired to always work with what we have, whether that be a little information, or a lot of information. To conclude, it should be known that in order to form an opinion, information is always needed. It just does not have to be restricted into the categories of "visual" and

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