Frederick Douglass 's Speech Was An Important Speech

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Frederick Douglass lived in a time where slavery was very pronounced in society and black people were not well respected or heard from often. During his time, black people did not have the opportunity to be heard by white people; also there were not very many free blacks. Black people were generally seen, but not heard. In this case, the whites were seen but not heard as Douglass stood before them giving a mesmerizing speech that would surely make them think. Throughout his speech, Frederick Douglass points out inconsistencies that whites said time and time again. The reason they said all those positive things, was so that they would come off as a caring, unified nation. In reality, they were very domineering over those who were slaves.
Douglass’s speech was an important speech because he talked about how slavery was seen in all aspects of his society then, and how the Fourth of July for slaves did not hold the same meaning as it did the white/non slaves. The Fourth of July was a day meant to celebrate the freedom and independence from the Europeans. Those who were not slaves enjoyed the newfound independence, while those enslaved did not because it was a constant reminder about how the country they lived in sought freedom, but they as slaves could not. He had made it clear that his speech was to enlighten whites and non-slaves to the true meaning as to why they—the whites/non-slaves—have become independent. Douglass himself was a slave so he truly saw the injustice that the
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