Frederick The Great Case Study

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I am a small textile factory owner from Prussia. Thanks to my king, Frederick the Great, and his economic reforms, my little factory has earned its highest profit since 1740. On the other hand, however, education has been poorly developed and even suppressed. Therefore, I humbly argue that his majesty is a flawed enlightened monarch. Before his majesty’s enlightened reforms, I suffered from a severe economic loss. Struggling to compete with foreign products and domestic trade restrictions, I even hesitated to shut down my business. However, his majesty’s policies saved me and my whole family. In 1763, the textile industry gained his majesty’s enthusiasm. His majesty offered as many help as he could to factory owners like me, including substantial amount of advices on designs, new export markets, and business management. …show more content…

If his majesty had transformed the university to an independent academic organization studying all of the most advanced theories at this age, especially your theories, monsieur, I would be more grateful than turning it into a state-controlled university, where professors were all government officials who were financially dependent on the state. Although his majesty has implemented some education reforms, the new policies were very much limited by the lack of fund: now my children are studying in a rented room in a local pastor’s house, and my family have to bear the expense of books and the money we pay the schoolmaster. In fact, most schools suffer from the lack of books, especially in rural areas. In rural areas, the education of peasant children consists almost entirely of reading religious manuals and simple religious texts. Furthermore, few artists and writers are independent from the state due to the lack of wealthy patrons, and thus information is largely limited. We heartily thank his majesty for his attempts of education reforms, but the current state of Prussian education is

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