Free Living in Fitzgerald´s Echoes of the Jazz Age Essay

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Fitzgerald does not associate the Jazz Age with jazz music, but he does associate it with free going men and women. Fitzgerald believes that the Jazz Age was a was a time of no care and living life to the fullest. He says “wherefore eat, drink, drink and be merry, for to-morrow we die”(16). This is showing that the people of the Jazz Age did not care what happened tomorrow as long as they lived today to its fullest. When he says “that something had to be done with all the nervous energy stored up and unexpended in the War,” (13) he shows why people were so free going. Fitzgerald is saying that people did not know if there was going to be another war or if when they were going to die, so they had to live life today and not wait for …show more content…

When he says “great filling stations full of money he is talking about how people could get as much credit as they wanted without really worrying about paying it back. People spent a lot of money with no regrets or any worries of paying it back or how much they were actually spending. When Fitzgerald says “Even when you were broke you didn't worry about money, because it was in such profusion around you”(21), he is saying that even when you were poor you could always find some money to help you out of a tough situation. You could always count on someone helping you because there was so much money around you. It was possible for someone to have a bad job and still live a large life. Someone could use make little to no money but then use credit to live large. They could either could pay with credit or just use someone elses money to have fun and live a fun life. This is what

Fitzgerald says that this is one of the reasons for the Great Depression, people couldn't pay off their share of credit.

Fitzgerald see the reactions to the events in 1919 as a landmark and a new way of life and thought. When the news of the Harding and the Ohio Gang or Sacco and Vanzetti scandal were released by the news people’s “idealism flared up”(14). People did not believe that the government was dealing with the situation in the correct way and believed that they could show the government by going against them. The government had made bad decissios in the Sacco

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