Free Narrative Essays: Racism In America

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Racism Racism is a big issue in America that needs to be solved but no one can figure it out. Their is no reason in my opinion why people should hate or judge an individual based off the pigmentation on their skin. We harass each other and don’t even progress the world. I have a few racism events that happened in my life that I felt that it was unnecessary.
One day I was walking with my little brother around to the store. I’m 13 and he’s 12 and we started to go to the store and about half way there and me and my brother hopped on these side bricks. We was trying to see who would fall first and then an old man in his late 50’s said,“hey get down from there” and I responded “ yes sir.” I couldn't’ believe what happened next because the old man
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That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of it to go around. At period in time I was all the rage with racist alleged attacks and it seems as if reporters was searching for press such as the Mike brown incident. They so much publically expressed that issue as if the world were to end. To be honest for me I don’t really care about it because what people don’t know is it happens everyday and we just don't know about it. Possible it could be because I’m not directly affected but it still isn’t something I feel I would really get into because to me it is all out pointless to me. Everyone is going to believe what they believe and you can’t change no one they may not show it but it will always be in the back of the individual's mind of their previous idea of racism or any issue. The main thing that I still don’t understand and the world don't understand as well why people hate someone they don’t even know. I would understand if someone did something to you but it is random people of different color and cultures. I guess it's just one of those mysteries of the world we live
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