Examples Of Racism In A Gathering Of Old Men

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Racism Racism is a huge problem, especially here in the United States. The United States has come a long was, but there is no doubt that there is much more progress to be made. People seem to follow the patterns of others and fall in to the same issues. It is important that the cycle breaks and individual learn to be independent and speak their own minds instead of following the thoughts and beliefs of others. Until the chains are broken and people fall out of this endless loop, racism will continue to be a major issue. Throughout many of the reading this semester, we have encounter serious racism. In some cases the individual being a target of racism in turn exhibits acts of racism themselves. The anger that these character feels can cause them to label all individuals in a group as racist, which isn't fair at all. Some of the characters lose themselves due to racism. They try to fit to the ways of another culture that is more excepted than theirs. In A Gathering of Old Men, the characters are set a little further back in time when areas were still segregated. The characters do not get along with the majority of the white population, which is completely understandable. The white community has moved in and taken over so much of their land. They have caused these characters so much pain and suffering. The white community even takes over the farming in their area. These characters can’t do all the things that they used to do on their land, because it is no

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