Free Narrative Essays: Reyner's Green Cupcake

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“Get them ready for duty.” The Queen’s dark eyes shone. “I’ll work their fingers to the bone.” Reyner watched his family’s faces become pale with fear. He realized just how much he loved them. “Stop!” Reyner cried. “I have something that you might be interested in.” Reyner realized now that his green cupcake was not as important to him. He pulled it from his pocket. It glowed in the dim light. “It’s the cake with glowing green light!” the Queen shouted. A few of the ants burst into tears. Some bowed to the carving behind the throne out of habit. Some bowed to the cupcake in Reyner’s hand, “The light guides our way. It must be mine,” said the Queen. “What do you want for it?” Reyner smiled at his dirty-faced loved ones in front of him. “I want

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