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Each and every U.S. citizen has the right to free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution. They are also protected by those who try to place restrictions on where, what and how we express our opinions. Freedom of speech is considered one of the fundamental values America was founded upon. However, laws are always open to interpretation. Much like writing an essay, laws are edited and revised to fit the prompt. In the case of a judge, they are revising the law to fit different circumstances. Many people try to twist the law and use it in their favor. The court system was put in place so that judges could determine whether or not a person rights were infringed upon by reviewing the evidence and circumstances. Over the years there have been many cases that have ended with a ruling that altered the interpretation of the first Amendment. The first amendment was a key addition to the Bill of Rights. Without it, anti-federalist leaders refused to sign off on the final draft of the Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, religion, assembly, press, and the right to petition. The right to free speech allows individuals to openly express their opinions and ideas without the fear of being prosecuted by the law, as long as it is done in a non-violent manner. Henry Hyde says that "free speech is meaningless unless we tolerate the speech that we hate." This means that you can say what you want, but the reality of free speech is that others are

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