Free Time Is Not More Than A Shadowy Continuation Of Labor

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Time is one of life 's most precious commodities. Therefore how free time is spent is incredibly important. However, Theodor Adorno asserts that "free time is nothing more than a shadowy continuation of labor."(195) For Ardono free time is ultimately an illusion, an illusion propagated by the culture of industry. The culture of industry operates as an omnipresent and deeply malevolent entertainment machine. Its purposes is to simultaneously distract and subvert the masses. Furthermore, Free time is hopelessly shackled to modern work which requires useless, disengaged leisure activity to bring about uncritical recuperation. Free time should be strictly separate from labor. However, working habits have become so internalized that modes of behavior proper for a work environment have somehow seeped into leisure activity. An excellent way of observing this process is through a medium that has become tremendously popular in the last three decades; video games. This essay will examine how a seemingly beanie form of entertainment prompt the primacy of labor and the virtues of conformity within a busboy capitalist society. The utterly futile tasks set in video games, simulate physical labor practices. Consider the use of video game controllers. The mashing of the buttons and manipulation of the analog stick as well as the precision and accuracy required is quite reminiscent of the activity of industrial laborers. In the scarece
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