Free Will And Free Choice

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Freedom of Will

The alarm clock sounds, you get up and stand before your wardrobe, facing a decision. The white shirt or the blue, both clean, both equally nice, but it is still an easy decision. The blue. You revel in your creativity and ready yourself for the day to come. The freedom you have always known permitted the choice, your free will grants you this privilege. Or does it? Free will is a false concept often confused with free choice. Free will does not truly exist, the limitations set by nature and the influence of other people hinder the ability to choose without the impact of past experiences.
As Barbara Smoker, a British Humanist activist and freethought advocate stated, “Free choice means you are not forced by other people or what is outside of you. Free will is the idea that you are not programmed by past and present circumstances to do what you do now,” (1). We as human beings are naturally reliant on other human beings for our daily dose of interaction. This is where the magic begins. Everyone has an opinion, everyone has criticism, and everyone has different likes and dislikes, however they are not our own. Most of our childhood experiences shape the people we become. For example, if you had a dog instead of a cat, and that dog was fairly well behaved, you are likely to prefer dogs to cats when you grow older. Or, if you had a dog and it was not well behaved, it is likely you will grow to dislike either the breed or dogs in general. Our opinions and our

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