Free Will and Determinism Essay

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Free Will and Determinism- is it an Illusion? Determinism, libertarianism and compatibilism are three significantly different views on where unaccountability might stop and where free will and moral responsibility begin. Determinism is the strict opinion that every action and decision is the cause of an event, genetics or the environment prior to that action. Quite the opposite is libertarianism, which happens to be the genuine belief in free will as well as the denial of universal causation. Finally, deep self-compatibilism meshes both of these stand points together and introduces the idea that one’s action can be free if it stems purely out of personal, authentic desire. Since all three judgments have a backbone of convincing…show more content…
Second, Silenus would agree that if something is caused it can never be free. Silenus is very high on himself as he rarely ever takes Hench’s threats seriously because he is intelligent enough to understand that Hench feels responsible for anything that he does. This is partially because Silenus is constantly reminding him that he isn’t responsible for how his mind works and thus can never be held accountable for any action that may blossem from his desires. Third, since Silenus concludes that he is not responsible for what he is, free will and moral responsibility must cease to exist in his case. “Don’t be silly Hench. Only human beings are responsible. I am what I am,” (Satyr, 218). The Satyr considers himself to be above human responsibility based on both his pre-determined genetic information, and also his environment when he’s reduced to cleaning his creator’s lab. To add, all-human acquaintances Silenus has had the displeasure of meeting label him as an untrustworthy beast. By soaking up human behavior like a sponge, Silenus discovers that people can be extremely selfish, so he decides it is ok to mock this behavior in a very direct manner. Therefore, Silenus the Satyr and his determinist view that there are reasons behind every action have even Hench convinced that he is in fact liable for all negative outcomes that Silenus may initiate. In the beginning of the story, Hench is

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